About us

Don Anderson has been satisfying customers since 1975. Prairieland Outfitters is a FULL SERVICE outfitter – you don’t need to worry about anything but getting here and shooting straight! Our experienced staff will make sure that you have a trip of your lifetime! We are ALL hunting addicts… in the off-season we keep busy SCOUTING and figuring out what the critters are up to. From watching the flight patterns of ENORMOUS flocks of waterfowl, to trying to figure out where the big bucks are hanging out throughout the day! Our lodging and food are second to none – bring your trunks if you would like to relax in the hot-tub after an exciting day of hunting!



about_2Our hunts are from our beautiful lodge located on the shore of Lake Diefenbaker. We hunt Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan River, Lucky Lake DU Project, Barber Lake and Anerley Lake chains. Upland Bird hunting is done in the Coteau Hills. We hunt Whitefront Geese, Canada Geese (Lesser and Greater), Snow Geese (Lesser and Greater) and Ross Geese. Ducks available are Mallard, Widgeon, and Pintail. Upland Birds include Sharptail Grouse and Hungarian Partridge. We use dogs for retrieval of birds. Big Game hunts are done from the lodge as well and we travel whereever neccessary to track down the big guys!